Sensei's thoughts

      Things you may have heard from Sensei Lennox - over and over and over.

"What are you doing, and will it work?"

"Power, power, power"

on competition in tournaments...." There are rules on how hard you can hit, and how hard you can kick, but there are no rules on how hard you can block!" 

When asked what karate meant to him, Sensei Lennox answered :" To endure the un-endurable"

Tournament Thoughts

    Having recently returned from the IWKA World Championships on July13 in Ohio, we all came home with lots of good memories! Sensei's TJ, Cindy & Don participated in judging seminars and are all now "certified" judges! Alot of hard work went in to preparing to be the best judges we can be, and it paid off in how well the tournament was ran.

     The competitors from our dojo came away with valuable experiences they will never (hopefully!) forget. While it was a karate competition, I'd like to think we all came away with a deeper understanding of our martial art as well as making some friends that we will be competing against in the years to come. Great job to everybody who put in the time for both training and travel, that shows great dedication. Keep up the good work!!